CNC Milling at Presto Engineering-  Thanks to continuous reinvestment CNC Milling is carried out on the very latest machining centres, all are equipped with 12,000 rpm spindles and 4th & 5th axis capability ensuring high throughput and accuracy. Whether a front panel for a mixing desk , or panelling for professional audio equipment we are able to provide the highest quality with a professional finish.

We understand that your reputation relies upon both exceptional standards of workmanship and service from your suppliers, we also know that you need quality parts on time every time from one source that takes total responsibility. With this in mind we only use the best partners for services such as anodising, painting and printing, knowing that they also share our values when it comes to serving the customer and exceeding their expectations.

It’s all very well having a high quality product that performs its function  but without a professional finish all of the initial work is rendered useless, as it does not look aesthetically pleasing. At Presto Engineering we take responsibility for all secondary operations such as anodising, bead blasting, graining, painting, screen printing and polycarbonate overlays.

Amongst others Presto Engineering manufacturers components for the following industries:

  • Recording equipment for Professional use.Hi-Fi / Audio equipment for domestic use.
    lighting desks and associated equipment.
  • Film production equipment.
  • Telecommunications test equipment.
  • Additionally we are based here in the UK in Oxfordshire, keeping things local whilst still at the highest standard.