Rigorous inspection procedures are an integral part of the manufacturing process at Presto Engineering.

At Presto we take the dimensional accuracy and visible finish of our parts very seriously. When it comes to visible parts they are 100% checked prior to and after the finishing process.

Our customers tell us that our attention to detail is ‘second to none’, however we thought we could do even better! The installation of an Aberlink ‘Axiom too’ CNC Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) has further enhanced customer confidence in the dimensional accuracy and precision of their machined parts. With the installation of the CNC CMM we are able to provide independent verification of tolerances with detailed inspection reports as specified by our customers, for example:-

  • Prototype First Article Inspection

  • Production Batch ‘First Off’

  • Production Batch Sample Inspection

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Dimensional Consistency

Results are stored and retrievable which ensures consistent dimensional accuracy of future orders.

From submission of design to delivery of finished machined parts in pristine condition, our goal is for customers to feel confident that we are working to the tolerances they specify irrespective of the volume or complexity of the part.

CMM Machine
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