At Presto Engineering we continually invest in our equipment and staff to ensure we are delivering excellence to our customers, this has seen the recent acquisition of  a new large capacity Doosan DNM6700 and a Nikken 4 & 5 Axis CNC Rotary Table enhancing Presto’s CNC machining capabilities.

The DNM 6700  is a large-capacity machine equipped with a generous-sized work table (1500mm x 670mm) and impressive axis travels (X-axis:1300mm x Y-axis: 670mm x Z-axis: 625mm).

Doosan Machining

Doosan DMN6700

The installation of the Nikken 4 & 5 Axis Rotary Table means that we can  provide our customers with a complete solution to their CNC Milling requirements, including the most complex of aluminium machined parts. The Rotary Table enables parts to be manufactured in “one hit” thereby improving accuracy and eliminating the need for multiple set ups. Combined with the larger table and travel capacity  of the DNM6700  it will  give greater flexibility in the complexity and size of the components that Presto can manufacture.

Rotary Table

Nikken 4 & 5 Axis Rotary Table

Our continual investment allows us to offer fast production, reduced costs and always at the forefront of our philosophy, the highest standards of finish.

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