Aluminium extrusions are cross section profiles produced when Aluminium is pre heated and forced by means of compression through a smaller die opening. The process provides virtually unlimited possibilities for product designers to produce sections ranging from simple to extremely complex.

Example of an extruded electronics casing manufactured by Presto Engineering.What are the benefits of Aluminium extrusion?

There are many benefits of using Aluminium extrusions these being some of the main ones.

  1. Low tooling costs and short lead times.
  2. The ability to reduce the number of components and cost in an assembly by using features such as clip fits, screw ports and PCB location grooves.
  3. Once the tooling costs are covered the shape of the section is effectively free of charge, as you only pay for the material used.
  4. Inherent excellent corrosion resistance means components have a long life span.
  5. If aesthetics are important and finishing is required there are a range of options from polishing, bead blasting and brushing through to anodising and painting.
  6. Inherent high thermal conductivity so ideal for heat loss applications such as heatsinks.
  7. Good ductility and low melting point make Aluminium easy to work with, and able to be extruded into open, semi closed and closed profiles.
  8. High strength to weight ratio which can be adjusted with the use of alloys to give the strength of steel with only one third the weight.
  9. Environmentally friendly as end of life components can be 100% recycled.
  10. Extrusions can be easily machined or worked using a variety of methods.


Some common applications.

  • Building Industry.

– Profiles used in doors, windows, cladding, guttering roofing and skylights.

  • Transportation.

-More than a quarter of Aluminium produced is used in the Transportation                                    industry. Originally used for its light weight in aerospace it is now widely used in                      cars, buses, lorries, trains, motorcycles and bicycles.

  • Consumer applications.

-Sports equipment, cases, chassis and heatsinks for electronics equipment,                                 furniture.


Example of an Aluminium Panel manufactured by Presto Engineering

Example of an Aluminium Panel manufactured by Presto Engineering