There are two systems of industrial paint finishes for aluminium ; namely wet painting and powdercoating.  These systems will offer a durable and corrosion proof coating. The exact requirements of an application will determine which system is used.

Wet paint

Wet painting is used where durable high quality finishes are required on visible surfaces that the end user comes into contact with. For instance applications can range from machined front panels for high end audio equipment through to car bodywork. Finishes are wide and varied and range from high gloss through to matte. There is also the ability to have soft feel rubberised and suede textures incorporated.

Wet paint is commonly applied using a spray painting method, which involves utilising an air-pressurised spray gun. The air gun is made up of three main parts; the nozzle, paint basin and air compressor. Paint is mixed with compressed air releasing a fine spray from the nozzle, upon the trigger being activated. Usually a coating will be applied by hand, although such operations can also be automated.

Powder coat

Powder-coating also provides a very hard wearing and durable coating; ideal for products which may be subject to intense handling or generally speaking, are of a cheaper nature and do not require such a high quality finish. A multitude of coatings can be specified such as satin, gloss, metallic, iridescent and matte.

Example of a powdercoated side panel at Presto

Powder coat application is based on the principle of opposite electric charges being attracted to one an other. Powder particles are electrostatically charged as a result of passing through a charged spray gun, therefore attracting the particles towards an earthed component. The part is then cured in an oven, with the coating chemically reacting to produce long molecular chains, resulting in high resistance finish.

As with both finishes, consistency between batches of components will be easier to achieve over an anodised finish, therefore benefiting an end customer who requires a critical and dependable surface finish.

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