Bringing Precision Engineering back to home soil- With an increasingly competitive market particularly from abroad keeping engineering in the uk has been a challenge. However Presto Engineering has risen to that challenge and exceeded it.

More and more manufactures are returning to the UK for high-end engineering services like those provided by Presto Engineering. For clients who require visible machined parts with a high quality surface finish. By using Presto you can avoid all issues associated with using multiple suppliers, we take total responsibility for the whole process, right from sourcing and testing quality material, through the machining process and including final finishing, and best of all we are right here in Oxfordshire.

Bringing precision engineering back to home soil is allowing designers to work more efficiently. There are significant time reductions in the development pipeline from prototype to finished product.

“Our customers expectations are higher than ever and many have seen great improvements in the quality of the finished product by bringing engineering back to home soil.”

Since its formation in 1990 Presto Engineering has built extensive expertise in producing visible machined parts for customers in a wide range of industries. First impressions count, which is why clients come to Presto to produce those critical components that their end users will come into contact with.

The secret to our success is our passion for extremely high standards of workmanship, and attention to detail.