Bead blasting and Graining Aluminium, these operations can be seen as key attributes towards the finished appearance of a machined front panel or fascia; being both aesthetically pleasing to the eye, in addition to providing a more durable and hard-wearing surface.

“Here at presto, we have taken control of another step in the process by investing in new bead blasting and graining equipment to cater for your needs.”

The graining operations undertaken at Presto are applied under pressure by a linishing belt, providing a straight grain across a flat surface. Appearance of the grain can be varied based upon the coarseness of the belt used for the operation. See below an example of a part manufactured by presto using this technique on the top surface:

Alternatively, bead blasting can be used in a variety of scenarios, such as a flat, 3D or curved components with a consistent finish. It works by firing small beads at a component under high pressure, to give a consistent surface finish without damaging a part. Surface finish can be altered to suit your particular requirements, with both coarser/finer and brighter/duller appearances possible. An example of a beaded component can be seen below:

Carrying out these operations in house enables us to produce a consistently high standard of finish, whist also cutting lead times. Both of these attributes are in line with our philosophy of providing the highest standards of finish.

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